Analysis of the status of mold production process level

author:安迪模具 Release time:2015-12-17

 Mold production technology level and technological content of high and low, has become the measure of a country's science and technology and the important symbol of the levels of product manufacturing, it decides the quality of products to a great extent, benefit, new product development ability, determine the international competitiveness of a country's manufacturing. According to the development of domestic and international mold market, mold expert luo baihui predicts that the mold will become more and more accurate after the future of the industry structure adjustment. Mold is the foundation of industrial production technology and equipment, in the electronic, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, household appliances and communication products, such as 80% ~ 90% of all components depend on the die forming, the shape of the die decides the shape of the products, precision mold processing quality and determines the quality of these products.

In recent years, people have become more and more demanding of all kinds of equipment and products, such as light weight and beauty and feel. This has provided a broader market for plastic products. The development of plastic products inevitably requires the development of plastic moulds. Automotive, home appliances, office supplies, industrial appliances, building materials, electronic communications and other plastic products are mainly users are high in recent years, rapid development, therefore, plastic mold and rapid development.
When the machining accuracy is high, the mold is usually more than enough. The accuracy of the precision mold can be approximately 0.1 ~ 0.01 mm, which is a step up from the previous mould.
The mold now has a great leap in the smoothness and roughness of its own. However, the mould itself is also machine tool made, if the machine tool that makes the mould itself is not able to pass the precision, the product is not high. Therefore, adopting advanced mould technology is the inevitable trend of the current competition, and it is more important to improve the competitiveness of the mould to adapt to the market.
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