The development status of mold industry and die technology in

author:安迪模具 Release time:2015-12-17

 Mold is an important process equipment parts forming process, auto motorcycle, electric appliances, IT products, office automation equipment, light industrial products, medical devices etc. The base of manufacturing equipment. Due to the high precision, good consistency and aesthetic appearance of the moulds, it is increasingly used in the construction of aircraft, ships and high-speed trains. In addition, the production process can achieve high efficiency, mass and energy saving and energy saving, so the mold is often praised as the mother of modern industrial production.

It is because of the important role of mold manufacturing, mold manufacturing has been attracting the attention of the world's developed countries and seriously, in fact, mould design and manufacture of itself has become an important field of manufacturing. Due to the characteristics of mold itself, most of modern mould enterprises reflects the technology intensive, capital intensive and high-quality labor intensive, and the characteristics of the high social benefits, mold manufacturing has become a part of the high and new technology industry. Therefore, the technical level of the mold has become an important symbol to measure the level of a country's manufacturing industry, and it is also the core competitiveness that keeps the products of these countries in the international market.
Our government attaches great importance to technological development of die industry and die, especially in the reform and opening-up, fully affirmed the mould industry and technology in the foundation position in the manufacturing industry and national economy. In 1984 established the China mold and die industry association (by the director of the original mechanical industry), and in the "purpose", "seventh plan special support," five-year "development plan of science and technology, advanced manufacturing technology in the first place, and mold design and manufacturing technology and the first column in the advanced manufacturing technology. During this period, the state invested tens of millions of dollars of research and development costs (plus local and enterprise oneself, research and development spending more than $100 million), the formation of fit-out and technological achievements, greatly shorten the technology gap with the developed countries in the world in our country.
The face of China's die industry has undergone fundamental changes:
A, from mould industry in China is basically in the mixed is given priority to, attached to the production of tooling industry, development become a considerable scale, capital intensive, the characteristic of high technology industry is technology-intensive equipment manufacturing industry.
2, mold production from mainly dominated by traditional, fitter master skill type manual production mode, into the widely used digital, information design and production technology of the era of modern industrial production.
The mould industry in China has gone from the form of a single public ownership enterprise to a new pattern of coexistence of private enterprises and various forms of ownership.
The development of manufacturing industry has led to the development of the die industry, and the development of the mould industry has given a strong support to the manufacturing industry.
Now, our country has become a manufacturing power, and also a large mold production power.
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