The mold industry diversified development

author:安迪模具 Release time:2016-01-10

 The accuracy of the precision mold is generally 5 micrometers, and the precision of the mould will be higher and higher as time goes by. Now it is 2~3 microns, and soon 1 micron precision will be listed. This requires ultra-precision machining. The mold industry will be increasingly large. This is due to the development of a large number of cavity caused by the increasing of molding parts and high production efficiency. The mold industry multi-function composite mold will further develop. In addition to punching forming parts, the new multi-functional composite mould can also be used to assemble tasks such as overloading, tapping, riveting and locking, etc., and the performance requirements of the steel are also higher and higher.

Mould industry is an important part of the hardware industry in China, the 12th five-year period is the major change environment, properly deal with the domestic and foreign development in our country to speed up the key period to realize the comprehensive construction well-off society goal, also is the key to the healthy development of the mould manufacturing industry in China, the domestic and foreign environment, although there are many uncertain factors, but the economic development of our country is still in the growth period, the comparative advantage of die mold in the international market in our country still exists, the domestic mold market expectations also continues to look good, mould industry development trend.
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