Andy mould leader to conduct the family visit before Spring F

author:安迪模具 Release time:2016-01-28

 Since its inception, Andy mould, zhang has been implementing the family visit talk as the important measure of employee relations, closely adhere to the eyes, center of gravity down down, listen to the heart-felt wishes of the front-line staff, for the worker to solve practical problems, the move has played a warm heart, the effect of harmony.

Footsteps getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival of 2016, when everyone is busy preparing for the Spring Festival, the leaders have not forgotten once make contribution, and the development of the company for various reasons currently living difficult part of the personnel, made a special trip to come visit. A cordial greeting, expressing the thoughts of the leaders and employees. A warm gift from the family of Andy molds.
On January 28, 2016 morning, the production department liu, director of the office director liu, zhang processing workshops and five people came to cloud even toki home at home due to injury, the cloud even gaps in June in a car accident on the way from work, the injury is heavier, liu2 zong3 hold a cloud even toki hands, are full of deep please say: "old cloud, Spring Festival is coming, the company won't forget once hard for the company development staff, hope you peace of mind for illness, recover at an early date, we are waiting for you back." And sent to the holiday consolation gold and gifts, yun lian qi moved beyond words. Poverty by wife ill drilling workers Kang Yonghai, to take care of his wife to handle without pay leave work at home full-time care of his wife, liu learned Kang Yonghai wife medical expenses is very large, and their two young children to support, life is hard, promptly encourages the couple to build up confidence, overcome difficulties, said the company will be within the scope of the power to help them. In face of the meticulous care of the leader, kang yonghai's wife said to liu, "thank you for your meticulous care. The company is very concerned about us, we often give the living allowance, and today you have come to visit us personally, so that our whole family is very moved. Thank you! Thanks to all who care about us!" .
This time to visit the difficult staff 10 people, Andy molds will keep this warm love continues to extend.
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