Caring for employees' healthy construction of harmonious ente

author:安迪模具 Release time:2016-04-14

 On April 11, 2016-13, Andy mould business administration department organization in the healthy check-up of the employees for more than six months, the examination project includes laboratory (blood routine, urine routine, liver function, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, colour to exceed, the worker for the company with a warmth, a healthy.

The attending medical staff 165 people, in order to ensure the employees physical examination in place, business administration minister personally inspect medical hospital, the medical environment, medical price and medical equipment for the integrated detailed inspection, the worker from the company the nature of jobs easy to cause the disease into consideration, formulate detailed check-up packages, starting from the body of takes care of people, for the employees, highlight the enterprise the core values of "people-oriented" idea.
From the company since its establishment, Andy mould always taking care staff, care staff health as the construction of harmonious enterprise is an important work to grasp, organize employee conduct a physical examination every spring, after completion of each physical examination, the company to the worker's medical results are detailed document registration, to ensure that employees a comprehensive understanding of their own health. The physical examination in order to understand more about their health, let a worker to "early diagnosis, early prevention, early treatment," the purpose of preventing cure, through a comprehensive and detailed examination, effective safeguard the physical health and safety of the employees, to employees to feel the warmth of enterprise, to further improve the staff's centripetal force and the sense of belonging, sound and rapid construction of rapid development for the enterprise injected steam condensed the hearts.
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