8 process performance requirements for mould manufacturing

author:安迪模具 Release time:2015-12-17

 The manufacture of mold is usually made of forging, cutting and processing, heat treatment and other processes. In order to ensure the quality of the mould and reduce the production cost, the material should have good forging, cutting, hardening, hardenability and grinding. There should also be small oxidation, decarburization sensitivity and quenching deformation cracking tendency.

1. Malleability
It has low thermal forging deformation resistance, good plasticity, wide forging temperature range, cold crack and precipitate network carbide tendency low.
2. Annealing technology
The spherification annealing temperature range is wide, the annealing hardness is low and the fluctuation range is small, the spherification rate is high.
3. Cutting processing
Large cutting amount, low cutting tool loss, low roughness of machining surface.
4. Oxidation and decarbonization sensitivity
High temperature heat resistance is good, decarbonization speed is slow, it is not sensitive to heating medium, it has a small tendency of flax.
5. Hardening
It has uniform and high surface hardness after quenching.
6. Hardenability
After quenching, a deeper hardening layer can be obtained and the quenching medium can be hardened.
7. Quenching deformation and cracking tendency
The conventional quenching volume is small, the shape warps, the distortion is slight, the abnormal deformation tendency is low. The normal quenching cracking sensitivity is low, and the temperature of quenching and the shape of the workpiece are not sensitive.
8. Grinding ability
The grinding wheel has small relative loss, no burn limit grinding, and is not sensitive to the quality and cooling conditions of the grinding wheel. It is not easy to have grinding and grinding cracks.
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