Analysis of the rapid improvement of mould design and manufac

author:安迪模具 Release time:2015-12-17

 Mould industry progress next year for many years, prompting emerged a large number of leading enterprises in our country, nowadays, mould industry in China has developed a distinctive mold production base of industrial cluster, scientific development provides a platform for mold enterprises. At the same time, the innovation ability of enterprises is constantly improving, with a number of independent intellectual property rights, and future Chinese mold enterprises will be more competitive.

Although China's mold industry development maintained a good momentum, but China's mold industry for a long time for a price war, led the industry in the world the lows of mold industry, the mold industry in China must begin from transformation of the mode of competition, changing the bottom of China mold and die industry.
There are many enterprises in China that are engaged in mold production, and there is a problem of excess capacity in the large enterprises and the backlog of inventory. In order to effectively improve the sales volume, enterprises have been reducing their prices. You lower the price, I also reduce, the price decrease makes the mold industry is in trouble, the profit of the enterprise is repeatedly compressed, the whole market becomes chaotic and unorganized. Price war is a vicious competition, which will seriously affect the development of the whole mold industry. China's mould companies should be able to improve their technological content, moving from the current price war to the competition of technology.
Throughout the development process, related industries and enterprises need to been, hidden under the state of mind, vigorously promotes the new technology, new technology research, gradually formed division of labor and collaboration, multidisciplinary and comprehensive scientific research and development pattern, with independent intellectual property rights of mold products. From the present simple grab market share unprofitable, become common share market share profit. It is believed that the production level of the enterprises can be improved greatly after the transformation of the competition mode, effectively rid of the vicious competition and make the die industry more than one floor.
Cheap Chinese labor cost advantage and good momentum of rapid and continuous development of the economy as a whole, has brought China mold and die industry good prospects for development, now the mould industry in our country through the introduction of foreign capital, absorbing the foreign advanced mold manufacturing experience, advanced technology and high level talented person, the mold design and manufacturing level had the very big enhancement.
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